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| Last Updated:28/04/2018

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Kerala likely to face worst drought in 50 years, experts say(Times of India,27/10/2016)



KOCHI: This summer, the State is likely to witness one of the major droughts it has faced in the last five decades, warn experts. Pointing that the annual average rainfall of Kerala is only around 100 hours, SCMS water institute director Sunny George said that if the distribution of land was one of the major issues that the state had witnessed after Land Reformation was passed, disparity in water distribution will be a major challenge in the future. “Hilly areas, plains and coastal areas alike are likely to be affected by water scarcity,” he said while presenting a session at the inauguration of Janadhipatya Jalasabha here the other day.


“Water is the most precious gift of nature. It is found in different forms including vapour. But the steep increase in atmospheric temperature is not a good sign. It is indeed a fatal warning. The major reason behind the crisis in West Asia is the water scarcity that it faces,” he said. George said that the unscientific approach towards nature by humans has affected the environment adversely. “In Kochi, 28 lakh litres bottled water is being sold every day. Region wise, in Edappally area alone, packaged drinking water registers a sale of 6.5 lakh litres water everyday,” he said.


Urban-Rural areas


George said that urban areas mainly depend on rural sector for water. For instance, river Periyar in Aluva is the major source of water for Kochi city. In future, a tug-of-war is likely to arise between various local bodies based on water requirements.




No of water tanker lorries playing in Kochi: 512 per day

Volume of water supplied per tanker: 20,000 litres

Cost of one load of water: Rs 3,000 (This minimu amount will go up during summer)

Minimum spending on Tanker lorry water:Rs 15, 36,000


Corp’s rain water project to kick off


In a bid to covert rain water to drinking water, Kochi corporation is all set to kickstart the rain harvesting project under the Corporation limit. The project which comes under the Amrut scheme of the central government is expected to benefit around 1,212 families in the first phase. Under this project, the government will provide subsidy of Rs 8,250 for constructing the rain harvesting system which generally costs Rs 11,000. Through the project, rain water will be collected from the roof to a 500 liter tanks using pipes. Besides submitting an application, public can log in to the Kochi Corporation’s official website www. The application should reach the office by or before November 30.