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| Last Updated:: 20/04/2024





State Wetland Authority Kerala (SWAK) 2015

S.O. 1361(E) [25.03.2022] Re-Draft Notification declaring Eco Sensitive Zone around Neyyar and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. {Disclaimer: ” The contents of this publication are purely on the basis of submission made by the State Government of Kerala vide its letter No. KFDHQ/23824/2012(A)-CWW-WL3, dated 22/02/2023. In case there are any discrepancy in this Malayalam version, the English version of the draft ESZ Notification published vide S.O. No.1361(E) dated 25.03.2022(ESZ around Neyyar and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary)shall prevail. “

S.O 1361(E) Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary & Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala Minerals (Prevention of illegal mining, storage and transporation) Rules 2015.

Kerala Minerals (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Storage and Transportation) (Amendment) Rules 2023




Reconstituting  the Kerala Coastal Zone Management  Authority

CRZ Notification, Amendment 2005- MoEF, Govt. of India

CRZ Notification 2011

S.O. 556(E) [17-02-2015] : Amendment to CRZ, 2011 regarding Memorial/Monuments in CRZ-IV (A)

S.O. 383(E) [04-02-2015] : Amendment to CRZ,2011 regarding Hostels/Resorts in CRZ-II

S.O. 1244 (E), [07/05/2014] - Amendments to notification number S.O. 19(E)[PDF](88.67 KB)

S.O. 2558 (E), [22/08/2013] - Amendment to Island Protection Zone, 2011.

S.O. 2557 (E), [22/08/2013] - Amendment to the CRZ notification, 2011 regarding the utilization of the CZMPs.

G.S.R.1227(E) Amendment-Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.O.1393(E) Amendment Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.O.2444(E) Amendment Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.o.3266(E) constitution of the National Coastal Zone Management Authority(NCZMA)

SO.3933(E), [18/12/2017] for Amendment in 1(a), 1(c), 8(b) of Schedule Appendix- XI of EIA Notification, 2006

S.O.1002(E)[06-03-2018] Coastal Regulation Zone Amendement Notification

S.O.3840(E)-[03/08/2018]- Amendement in Islands Protection Zone (IPZ) Notification 2011

G.S.R. 37(E).— [18/01/2019]- Coastal Regulation Zone Notification

S.O.No.1242(E)[08-03-2019]-I CRZ

Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) prepared as per CRZ Notification, 2011 to align it with CRZ Notification, 2019

S.O. 3903(E) Dated-[30.10.2019] Reconstitution of Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority

S.O. 4137 (E) Dated-[18.11.2019]-Reconstitution of National Coastal Zone Management Authority

S.O 2(E)-Date-[01-01-2021]- Amendment Notification in S.O.1242(E)-dated- [08-03-2019] on Island Coastal Regulation Zone

S.O.No.2239_(E)_Dated_[09.06.2021]_Amendment in ICRZ Notification, 2019

S.O. 4547(E) Date [01-11-2021] Seeking Public Comments on proposed amendments in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification, 2019

Procedure for Clearance of Permissible Activities as per the CRZ Notification, 2011 and IPZ Notification, 2011- regarding

Environment(Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) [Order)]


Environmental Impact Assessment Notifications and amendments

Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2009

 Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2011

Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2006

S.O 1199(E)- Date-[23/03/2020]- Draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification(EIA), 2020


S.O. 382(E) [03-02-2015] : Amendment to EIA, 2006 regarding Highways in Border States

G.S.R. 285(E)-Date-[22nd April, 2021]- Draft Notification of flyash utilisation.

Amendment in EIA vide, S.O. 237(E) daed 15-01-2016 

S.O.4(E) Environmental Standards for common effluent treatment plants (CETP)

S.O. 35(E) Environmental Standards for Sugar Industry

S.O. 404(E) dated 14.12.2016 Constitution of Central Wetlands Regulatory Authority(CWRA)

G.S.R.233(E)[15-03-2018] Environmental Standards Notification (Draft) for Brick-Kiln Industry

Compendium of Gazette Notifications On Environmental Impact Assessment from Sep 2006 to Dec 2018

Enforcement and Monitoring Guidelines for Sand Mining

S.O. 3289(E).Department Of Water Resources, River Development And Ganga Rejuvenation (Central Ground Water Authority)

S.O. 3753(E)—Date-[20th October, 2020]-Amendment to EIA Notification 2006.

Silent Valley National Park ESZ Notification S.O. 3880 (E) dated 27.09.2020

G.S.R 243(E)-Date-[31st March, 2021]- Notification of Environment Standards for thermal Power Plants

Final Notification of Environment Standards for Lead Stabilizer in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes and Fittings Rules, 2021.

S.O.5481(E): Notification on Utilisation of ash from coal and lignite based thermal power plants

S.O. 5497(E) Date[31-12-2021]-Draft Notification for seeking public comments on Regulation on Extended Producer Responsibility for Waste Tyres

S.O.984(E): Notification on Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Notification March, 2022

G.S.R. 522(E)-Plastic-Waste-Management-Second-Amendment-Rules-2022

S.O.984(E): Notification on Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Notification March, 2022S.O. 3984(E) Battery Waste Management Rules Notification, 2022

S.O. 3984(E) Battery Waste Management Rules Notification, 2022

G.S.R. 281(E).- Environment Standard Notification

G.S.R. 811(E) dated 10th November, 2022 – Environment (Protection) (Amendment) Rules, 2022 – Environmental Standard for Common Effluent treatment Plant (CETP)

G.S.R. 804(E).- Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules

Draft Notification on Fly Ash

S.O. 6169(E)- Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Notification December,2022

S.O. 414(E) [29-01-2024] - Draft Certified Environment Audit Notification


G.S.R. 176(E), [18/03/2013] - Noise Standards for fire crackers - amendments. 

G.S.R. 176(E), [18/03/2013] - Noise Standards for fire crackers - amendments.Draft Notification of Sewage Treatment Plant

Draft Notication-Primary Water Quality Criteria for Bathing Water

G.S.R.96(E)[29-01-2018] Final Notification of Emission for SO2 & NOx from Industrial Boilers

S.O.2502(E)-dated -[12.07.2019 ] Coastal Regulations for the Blue Flag Certification of Beaches

S.O. 4640(E)- Date-[22/12/2020] – Amendment Notification in S.O.489(E)- dated – [30-04-2003] of Extension Tenure of TTZ (Pollution Control) Authority.

Amendment Notification on Environmental Standards for Thermal Power Plants

G.S.R. 107(E) [16.02.2023] – Agro residue utilization by thermal power plants rules, 2023