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| Last Updated:: 11/03/2024

National Green Corps

National Green Corps (NGC), popularly known as 'a programme of eco-clubs', initiated nation-wide by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GoI). The programme has school children at the vanguard of a campaign to green the Earth. Begun in 2001-02, NGC now has more than 91,000 schools, as many teachers and more than three million students involved in conservation efforts, making it one of the most successful programmes of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It is a unique programme aimed at building a cadre of young green corps working towards environmental conservation for a more secure and sustainable planet. Operated through eco-clubs, the programme adopts novel educational approaches, exposes school children to in-depth field experiences, and provides opportunities to convert their ideas into creative action. The programme goes beyond schools, promoting school - society interactions to sensitize the society. With more than 91,000 eco-clubs functioning across the country (2006 - 2007), covering most of the States and Union Territories , it is one of the largest environmental conservation networks in India . Today, National Green Corps programme of the Ministry is one of the most successful and far- reaching programmes of action by the school children. The programme is implemented by KSCSTE , in the state of Kerala.